Saturday, August 17, 2013

SQL Saturday #235 in New York City

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Just attended SQL Saturday annual event in NYC.

That was incredible! A lot of familiar faces and many faces I've remembered since the Last year's event.

I'd rate that event as a top SQL Saturday on the East Coast.
Hundreds of participants, the top SQL Gurus, the biggest SQL industry sponsors....

That SQL Saturday was different than others. It was more innovative and advanced.
Multiple times during the event I heard that I have to forget what I've learned and start over again.

That was because multiple new technologies are just emerged or being shaped.
Starting from Solid State Devices, that require different administration practice and finishing with newest release of SQL Server 2014 with it's tables in memory, that require special programming technics.

That is very hard to translate in that blog all new concepts I've got from there and describe all sessions I've attended, so, will publish only pictures with some comments.

First floor. Security-volunteers distribute passes into the building

6-th floor. 7 A.M. - almost empty

MS Tech Center

First sponsors are already set  

Volunteers are getting ready for early registration

Confio gave away Kindle Fire HD

 Everybody knows Pragmatic Works
 PASS table

 Natasha is not tired yet

 Everything ready for registration

 Speakers are getting ready
 First attendees

 And Coffee!!!

 Hey, some russian faces!
 All sponsors are ready for event

 Second speaker's room. That is a first time when there are so many speakers.


 Rush time. Long line to register.

 Ready for kickoff

 Another russian face

 Nothing can stop people to come to the event!!!

Lanch time discussion "Women in technology"

Kevin presents "Barbi Astronaut"

 After presentation discussion

 Long line to the men room

Wrapping out.

Getting ready for prizes.

Trowing away flash-memory cards' killers (aka USB car chargers)

  Distributing empty water bottles from sponsors

Some kind of information that probably nobody got.

Prizes started from SIOS

Some people did not believe that everything is fair and wanted to get their name by themselves :-)

WOW!!!! Melissa won a Kindle!!!

 That was very funny Paul Rizza - ETL Guru won SSIS book.

Rise hand how are first time at SQL Saturday

The main prize of the event - backpack from PASS 2012 conference.

 Another kindle

 Happy new owner of toy helicopter

 SQL Saturday #235 volunteers (pictured by Chris Bell)


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