Sunday, September 15, 2013

SQL Saturday #250 in Pittsburgh, PA - September 14th, 2013

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Hi Everybody,

I've created that blog to post some interesting SQL Solutions, but it happens that I mostly post pictures from SQL events.

This time it is from  SQL Saturday #250 in Pittsburgh, PA
Sorry, not a lot of comments, but people who were there know what was going on.

This time the Event was hosted by ITT Technical Institute:

That was amazing. I came pretty early, but parking lot neat facility was already full.

I came 7:30 A.M. and it happens that I was late!!! Almost everybody already were there.

I do not remember seeing that on any other SQL Saturday. It tells me that Pittsburgh wanted that event and people were starving for it.

Last preparations before the opening

The largest auditorium can not host all attendees

Almost all sponsors are already set their tables

All little goodies are ready for pickup 

First meeting with potential customer

Last moment preparations

Opening remarks by Gina Walters

Because of crowdness of the main auditorium opening was broadcasted to other rooms.

Last coffee before the beginning
In other rooms was not so crowded

Keynote from Rick Heiges

He told about his way to PASS and describe SQL comunity

He also mentioned three key features of new SQL Server 2014

Sorry do not know all presenters.

Caught Mahdu Kudaravalli starting her presentation about becoming a DBA

My first session was with Kevin Goff. Multidimensional OLAP vs Tabular model. It looks like Kevin in favor of old OLAP and he proves his position.
Little break between first and second sessions. Fill up with coffee again.

Some attendees try to reconsider their choice

Sometimes sponsors get very tough questions

My second session was with Kevin Boles. Very interesting demonstration of SQL hacking.
I wish there were .NET devs in the auditorium to scare them.

Lucky to catch Brian Moran presentation about coaching questions

Presenters in their room

Michael John tells about how to catch queries.

Tim Radney ready to do a presentation about Backups and Recovery

William Wolf with his presentation of Fundamentals of Querying

My third session with Konstantin Melamud presenting Performance tuning

Tim Radney presenting his second session about TempDB

Presenters' room from inside

Confio lunch presentation. Presentation in Pennsylvania was impacted by flooding in Colorado. We couldn't see all Confio capabilities in action.

A lot of people were interested by sponsors presentations

Other enjoined their meal outside. Such a beautiful day was sacrificed for SQL learning and it was worth it.

Lunch time is good to visit sponsors' tables

Or just enjoy the weather outside.

Katie Vetter ready to present Fundamentals of Reporting

Reed Powell tells about going through Technical Interview

My last session with Mike Hays about troubleshooting TCP/IP connectivity off SQL Server.

Sorry, I was little bit late for Closing Ceremony

 Winners + Prizes

More prizes and more winners

It looks like the second picture of volunteer's crowd was the best

Helping to rearrange all tables back how it was before the event.

Crowd of volunteers again.

That was defensively very memorable event.

So, say goodbye to Pittsburgh and say Hi to Charlotte, NC.

Hope to see many familiar faces on PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte.

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  1. Slava,
    Thank you for taking and posting pictures of the day for us!!