Saturday, August 30, 2014

SQL Summer Social 2014

<= SQL Saturday #241 in Cleveland, OH

SQL Saturday #320 - Raleigh, NC =>

That was the very first SQL Social in our area and the first one I've attended.

Was it the first one at all? I do not know.

So, what it was....

The idea came out about a year ago and I proposed it to our Baltimore SQL Server user group. Unfortunately it did not work out then.

This year PASS DC user group perfectly organized that picnic event on a shore of beautiful Accotink lake near Washington DC in Northern Virginia.

PASS DC booked that big pavilion with nearby parking and restrooms.

I came too early. Chris Bell just started cooking.

 His wife took care of their huge dog. At first I thought it is a bear.

 While food was not ready I enjoyed the surrounding nature.

The lake is beautiful. That day there were several birthday celebrations.

The park around the lake has number of landmarks.

A lot of catamarans ready to go. If you are lazy you can take a boat tour around the lake.

A lot of activities for kids: carousel, mini-golf, etc.

Park only looks civilized, but it is completely surrounded by wild nature. Here is a fox went to the parking lot.

Food is ready!!!

First guests.

Another group organizer Matt Velic.

Here is my first hamburger. It was so delicious that can't make any more pictures.

I wish that event was longer, but hopefully PASS DC will do it again next summer.

See you there then.

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