Saturday, September 6, 2014

SQL Saturday #320 - Raleigh, NC

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Here I will post my pictures from SQL Saturday #320 in Raleigh, NC.

I did not do any presentations on that event and was supposed to help at lunch time, but happened that I was one of three photographers on that event.

Event was held in that beautiful local university building. I really liked the location and insides of it.

Slept too long that day and as always was too late and did not have a chance to help at the registration desk.

Almost all sponsors had tables in the main hall. There was enough room to stop and chat.

My first session was Brian Carrig's "Managing Very Large Databases with SQL Server"
Topic was so hot that there was no free sits in the auditorium.

The next was Carlos Chacon with "I Know What You Did Last Query" --SQL Server
That topic also collected full room.

 The next one was Allen White with "Manage SQLServer Efficiently w/PowerShell Remoting"

The next was wonderful Kevin Boles with "Indexing Deep Dive". I've already seen this session and this time Kevin added more info to his presentation. Just wonder how he can deliver so much material within an hour.
The last was Chris Bell with his famous "Optimizing Protected Indexes" that is really unique technique to index encrypted data.

 Event finished too quickly. These are all sponsors waiting for raffle ticket ceremony.

Lucky participants got the first row. Unfortunately it does not help in raffle.

 That guy came with his friend. The dog was sitting so quietly I've never heard it's barking.

 First winner.

 That guy was cheating, he won two prizes.  ;)

The dog owner got lucky and won SQLSentry application package.

And here is the end. Happy presenters and volunteers.

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