Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pass Summit 2014. Seattle, WA. Day +1.

Today is the first date of regular sessions. Made more photos than in two previous days.
Quantity hasn't easily switched to quality, but there are some very unique shots you'd like.

I'm almost adjusted my internal time to Pacific Time Zone and came later than usual. Microsoft SQL Server Clinic was already opened.

Some people just came for the registration.

I wonder if Community Zone is ever empty. Bet somebody is sitting there whole night.

Came to Keynote session.

People gone crazy from seeing each other.

Really crazy.

PASS president Thomas Larock.

T.K. Ranga. Microsoft vice president.

Current Microsoft trend

Presenting In-Memory Columnstore Index.

New approach to collect BigData using Kinect.
Also,  the way to build SSIS-like orchestrations in Azure.

James Philips. Microsoft Power BI manager

PASS logo requires Apple update.

Relaxation zone.

The Man.

Pinal Dave's session "Secrets of SQL Server: Database Worst Practices"

Joseph D'Antoni with "SQL Server DR in Microsoft Azure: Building Your Second Data Center"

I assume that is Tom Stringer with "Troubleshooting SQL Server with Extended Events".
His session was very popular, I wish I was there.

Room was full and I expect that some people would complain.

At the same time other rooms were almost empty.

Aaron Bertrand is ready to present "Five Ways to Write More Effective Triggers"

Reza Rad is good to go for "Deeper Data Insight and Prediction with Data Mining"

Hire is a room where I stopped. Same faces again.

My choice was Kevin Farlee's session "SQL Server 2014: In-Memory Overview"

Room is half-empty. Think I've made a mistake. So, I left for adventures.

Community Zone again.

A-ha! Sponsors have opened their pavilions.

The first was Dell.

Then everybody else.

Some sponsors are very creative in the way to attract a DBA.

Wonder why rhinos are gray. Have to ask tomorrow.

That was supposed to be a Hortonworks,

BigData collection real live demo.

Massage Zone. Only one Woman (with a sign)

I wonder, is 96% of students pass exam from the first time or eventually....?

Technology of selfie

Isn't it fun?

Attending Hope Fuley's "Spatial Data: Looking Outside the Map" session. Very inspirational.

Washington state convention center is really collection of art.

View from the window.

Getting help from Microsoft team.

By mistake I've got to the session of Klaus Aschenbrenner "Latches, Spinlocks, and Lock Free Data Structures". Perhaps it was wonderful session, but I wanted to go to another one.

Here he is. Conor Cunningham with "Query Store - A New SQL Query Tuning Feature".
That session deserves separate blog post.

DC chapter.

Kimberly Tripp with "Dealing with Multipurpose Procs and PSP the RIGHT Way!"

Now I know who does "Lightning Talks"

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