Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pass Summit 2014. Seattle, WA. Day -0.

The second day of PASS Summit 2014. The last day of pre-con.
Tried to capture the moment.

Scary DBA.

My breakfast table.

Adam Machanic doing "Better Performance through Parallelism" session.

Tim Chapman with a session: "Troubleshoot Customer Performance Problems Like a Microsoft Engineer"

Grant Fitchey doing "Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2014"

First coffee break.

Trying to catch people when they do not see me. Even from a distance it's not always happen.

Who doesn't like coffee get coke or sprite.

Sebastian Meine. I believe he did not speak today.

Errin Stellano from SQLSkills with "Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Extended Events"

Her audience.

Is it her partner in speaking Jonathan Kehayias? That is actually smart. two people can answer questions at the same time on the same session. Like two core CPU.

Lunch time.

Capturing the coming crowd.

Did you find yourself on any of these pictures.

I think that is not fair to make pictures only of speakers and famous people. SQL DBAs and Developers are our heroes. Trying to get them as many as I can.

But famous guys here are everywhere. Here is Allan Hirt.

I bet I know these guys.

Jes Schultz from Bren Ozar's team. I believe she doesn't know me, but it looks like I know almost everything about her.

Ted Krueger, John Morehose and Chris Shaw.

Session room of Adam Machanic.

Last pre-con break. Some people are pretty tired.

Everybody got another portion of coffee.

Probably the best relaxing place. Near artificial chimney.

There is even water fall in the building.

While everybody are drinking coffee I did a little tour around facility.  Here will be Welcome reception party.

Vendors are almost done with pavilions.

Snicking little bit in.

Back to the crowd.

And here is the end of pre-con. Here will be a First-Timer event.

First-Timer is presented by Solarwinds (formerly known as Confio).

Rick Heiges. He made me a speaker.

Chapter Leaders' meeting.

Famous Pinal Dave.

Regional Mentors.

Karla Landrum.

Tim Radney

Carlos Chacon - our Regional Mentor and guys from our region.
Our region's folks. That happened that nobody shown up from Maryland and I had to represent our user group.

Andrey Korshikov

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