Monday, November 3, 2014

Pass Summit 2014. Seattle, WA. Day -1.

Day "minus one" is actually first day of the conference.
The first two days are strictly dedicated for pre-conference sessions.

Really. Do not see the point. Same place, same people, same topics.
Perhaps the only difference that on pre-con you have only one big session instead of many small ones.

Even though there was whole day of SQL I'm not going to talk about it.
Only pictures. Hopefully it will help somebody with orientation.

The first owe is already iconic "Welcome" picture:

Couldn't stop myself and made a picture of a sculpture nearby.

After the "welcome" stairs you pass a fountain.
Then you are going up.

That how it looks from the top.
Then you get to registration.

After registering passing Community Zone.

Community Zone has best view of all.

Then you get to a "food court"

Breakfast is ready.

The table where I stopped.

Was surprised by amount of people.

Lines to register get longer.

Hey! Paul Randal happy to see me!!!!

Presentation room is pretty big. Can fit more than 300 people.

The session I attended was Paul Randal's "Performance Troubleshooting Using Waits and Latches" - the most advanced session that day. Paul modestly put its level as "499". Probably he marked it lower than "500" because of Bob Wards session, which is really "700".

Our room was almost full!

Happy attendees.

"Waiting queue": In terms of the presentation: Single threading. 1 - Running and 3 - Runnable.

Lunch time!!!

Did not expect so many people.

Did not ask organizers, but there are probably more than 2000 SQL DBAs, Developers and Architects.

There was no place to sit. Some people wondering between tables searching for free space pretended they are looking for some friends as I did.

Almost whole hall was occupied. That means majority of Pass Summit attendees are also attending pre-con sessions - smart move!

After lunch break. People relaxing, twitting.

I bet some of these 2000 DBAs had production issues back home.

Used my free time to run around rooms to get other presenters.

Here was supposed to be Kalen Delaney with "In-Memory OLTP Internals: How is a 30x Performance Boost Possible?", but these guys do not look like Kalen. That is a nature to be "Woman in technology" - invisible.

Itzik Ben-Gan presenting "Mastering T-SQL Querying Fundamentals".

Jason Strate with "Zero to Hero with PowerShell and SQL Server". Unfortunately did not get his companions  Robert Cain and Bradley Ball.

Chris Shaw with "Real World End-to-End Performance Solutions"

Marco Russo with "Data Modeling in SSAS Tabular"

Carlos Bossy with "Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise".

Back to our room.

Coffee break.

However some drink coke.

Here it is. Coffee charging station.

Back to the room for the last part.All are ready.

End of the day. Huge crowd gathered inside of "Buffalo Wild Wings". Other waiting outside for networking party.

Here we go. Can start networking with Steve Jones

Unfortunately "Buffalo Wings" couldn't accommodate all of us and we have to spread around of town.

Here is the table with great guys where I was supposed to be sitting. Unfortunately have to leave the event.


  1. These pictures are fine. But if you would have talked about the conference a little, it would have really helped a lot. Anyway, thank you for sharing whatever you could regarding the summit.

    1. Agree, but there is so much information and I'd wright a post about each session I've visited it would give me a month of work.
      Sorry if I've missed your expectations, but can do by a request if needed.