Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pass Summit 2014. Seattle, WA. Day +2

Second official day of PASS Summit 2014 started 6:30 A.M. with special vendor's breakfast sponsored by SIOS.

Even it was so early the room was full

$100 prize from SIOS

Lucky winners of $10 gift cards.

Today was a Kilt Day.

Keynote session

List of virtual chapters.

Second session with Adam Machanic and his parallel query execution.

First time I could catch Mike Hillwig.

Denis Reznik with special guy Mladen Prajdic - author of SSMS Toolpack.

Bob Ward's session was not so mind blowing as I expected. I could understand almost 50%.

The first row on Bob Ward's session. The most brave guys on entire conference.

Was very surprised that room was still full of people after the first part.

Russian region and Andrey Korshikov with PASSion award.

Took a shuttle to the EMP Museum. About 50% are familiar faces.
If that is right representation I've met a half of 5000 Summit attendees.

EMP Museum

Space Needle tower

Community appreciation party started.

Ancient games from 80's

Guitar tree

Karaoke party

Here is my first city walk from the convention center. I bet at the day time it would be more interesting.

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