Saturday, June 6, 2015

SQL Saturday #390 in Philadelphia

SQL Saturday in Philadelphia is the most important SQL Saturday in my live. Philadelphia is where I attended these events first.

So, here are the pictures:


These guys are not sponsors

James Serra Architecture Data Warehouses

Lunch time!!! Whole food track is OURS!

First who grab Lunch

Registration desk

Official lunch just started. Line is growing.

Lemonade is in biggest demand.

Got to the very end of SIOS lunch session

The most important session of the whole event: Discussion about the future of DBAs.

Kerry is extremely tired

That what my magic shoot can do.

End of the session

Inside of speakers' room

I'm too lucky. Got whole two fingers instead of only one.

Microsoft's Server room with my selfie

Waiting for prizes

Wrapping up

Main prize of the event - Kindle

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