Wednesday, October 28, 2015

PASS Summit 2015 - Wednesday (Day 1)

Day started from Vendor's breakfast. I think that is the same breakfast as for everybody else with an exception of providing additional information to all interested folks.

Long line for food.

Just put my camera into a room of another vendor.

Microsoft CAT team

I was so surprised that some local chapters are straggling without speakers.

Such a huge crowd of 5.5K people is moving.

About here I was too tired to stay near moving river of people.

Keynote room.

Bloggers' tables

Keynote is starting

Getting secure call from Microsoft. I was little scared.

Started vendors' exploration.

Real Houdini's tricks

Crazy duck-professor 

My camera can't catch the horizon of dining hall

Angela, you are TV-Star now. Just should not worry so much.


Kelly is doing picture of me doing picture of her doing picture of me.....

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