Sunday, October 4, 2015

SQL Saturday #440 (2015) in Pittsburgh, PA

That was pretty big gap for our region between SQL Saturdays. The last one was in Philadelphia on June 6th. Almost 3 months without #SQLFamily and SQL training. I really missed both of them.

I had a very first session and did not make any pictures on the opening and the very beginning.
Brent Ozar spoke at SQL Saturday Pre-Con session and was almost EVERYWHERE during the event.
So, there is no surprise he was on my very first picture.

Pittsburgh SQL Saturday registration desk and two registration gurus.

I want to gain some knowledge at the event too, that is why I just run between auditoriums to capture speakers and get quicker to the room I want.

Running near the registration. The same people there again.

Speaker's room.

Sometimes it was too late for me to get to the room I want because it was already full and I had to just snick at the event with my camera.

Wonderful massage was sponsored by RDX

Many times tried to get a free massage, but every time there room was full by more desperate people.

Finally got to sponsor's desks.

Here is the sponsors of the massage. It looks like RDX hi-jacked the event. Four or five speakers at the event are RDX employees.

It looks like Andry and Brent live near registration desk. I think attractive girls kept them there.

Lunch time!!!

In the speaker's room lunch time too.

Matt is trying bring more actions to the speakers' room.

Brent is twitting about the room he is in, where he will be speaking in few minutes.

Organizers decided to move Brent's session to the conference room.

And even conference room is completely full.

That was amazing and made me jealous. Even with Brent Ozar attracted so many people Ravi Kumar still has full room.

In my opinion - the best session of the event: Mike Hillwig showing his twitter account for Multi Server SQL Agent Administration.

End of the day. People are gather for closing ceremony.

Raffle is starting.

Pittsburgh Institute of Technology. Finally rain has ended and I could make a picture of it. 


  1. Great pics Slava! Hope you come back soon.

  2. Not earlier than next October. Unless you schedule it for September.