Saturday, October 10, 2015

SQL Saturday #445 - Raleigh, NC - 2015

Just pictures. Some are pretty funny, but what else SQL Saturday is for?
For learning? Sure, But learning is fun too. Right?

Registration experience

All signs are prepared

Sponsors are ready to roll

Ooops. Vaco did not get a table.

Robert Half is still unpacking. They have more stuff than anybody.
I've got their coffee cup. It is great!

Donates and hot coffee were available all time

Speakers' room. Last preparations.

Sponsor's area is abandoned during the session time

Vaco is in perfect spot now.

The famous Beacon from Micron. I love that company and their beacon t-shirts.

Idera had 4 (FOUR) types of ducks at the event. Are you jealous that you weren't there?

During the break sponsors are too busy for good pictures.

Dancing Robot from DELL. Did you get one?

Actually, that is a portrait of my laptop (in the center, with "I love SQL" sticker from SQL Saturday in Baltimore)

Lunch time!


Not all pictures are good. Sorry Carlos, forgot to turn on flash.

Closing ceremony

There were so many prizes, but somehow I did not manage to win any of them.

Firs happy winner.

First big win. Windows tablet.

It looks like Kevin does not want to give that card.

That kid was hilarious. If not his father he would still all prizes. At least he managed to get $25 iTune gift card.

Real DBA prize Backup UPS

Curved 27" TV - WOW

I see it. He wants it for himself.

New local presenter is found!!!

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