Sunday, March 20, 2016

SQL Saturday #486 in Richmond, VA.

It looks like I cover other SQL Saturday events much better than I cover our SQL Saturday in Baltimore, which is scheduled for April 30st.
Some people are asking me "Why do you do this?". That is probably because I want those people who have missed "that" SQL Saturday be jealous.

I'm very sorry to Stratford University. I did not make a picture of their wonderful facility because rain started later that day, but facility was very good and very convenient for SQL Saturday event.

I've started my SQL-photography session right after lunch.

Sponsors' tables:

Sponsor's sessions

B@B brought their CEOs to talk to the public. Such a wonderful idea for sponsors.

Speakers' room

SQL Games

Guess what it is? That is "Hierarchy"

Registration desk

Control center.

Greatest prize of the event. Drone with a camera.

Demonstration of features

Couple of failings.

And Success!!! Finally went to the skies.

SQL Games continued


Guess what it is. That is "Autog-routh"

That is a "Drop"


"Page split"

Socializing in the cafeteria

Drone is still flying.

And scaring people

My consultation costs $1000/hour

Starting after lunch sessions.
Jana Sattainathan with his "Small Scale Data Collection Using PowerShell - Going NSA Style!"

Mark Wilkinson with "Indexing 101"

Jamie Wick and "SQL Backups: Choosing the right solution for your environment"

Mark Hudson: "Introducing Azure Machine Learning"

Speakers in preparation

Azhee and "Getting to know U-SQL" (Did I spell it correctly?)

Gigi Bell: "Dealing With Difficult Managers"

William Wolf in preparation for his session about "Service Broker"

Chris Bell is ready to talk about "Optimizing Protected Indexes"

Tom Staab with "Introduction to Partitioning"

Brad McKuhen explaining "SQL Auditing"

Kevin Feasel in preparation for "Big Data, Small Data, and Everything In Between"

Tom Norman: "Beginning Azure"

Justin Randall: "Building Your Yellow Brick Road: Directing Your Path to a Successful Career"

Doug Purnell will start his professional development session in a moment.

Rob Volk. Last preparations for "The SQL - Revenge"

Raffle Time!!!

Dough making t-Shirt Bomb

Who is the first timer? Where you've been the last four years?

The first winner!

First set of prizes are paper books and electronic books.

Drawing has been done by Stratford University representative.

Starting Sponsors' Prizes

The most wishful prize of the event:

VACO representative is explaining how do you have to land a Drone without crashing your career.

Another wonderful prize - 23 inch monitor.

Ravi Kumar did not show up for a gift card and Rob took it.

Biggest prize of the event - Very well tested Laser Printer.

Brad got the very last prize.

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