Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PASS Summit 2016. Day 1.

The very first day of PASS Summit 2016.

Thomas Norman is the best morning greater of the event. How I would wake up without his greetings...

Last SQL Saturday duty.

Vendor's Breakfast.
HVR Software.

Amazon breakfast.

Last minute registrations

Keynote presenting SQL on Linux.
Broken the first and most important rule of all presentations: "Do not type in demos!"
Obviously, typos get easily.

Opening Vendors' Area

The first and most important, interesting, difficult and exciting session delivered by Bob Ward

Tracy rocks with "harassing photos"

Lunch time

Vendor's party

Can we count that photo as a "harassing" one?

That is really cool looking DB monitoring

That is definitely a winner of my "harassment photo" contest.

What is that? Is that how Amazon Cloud really look like?

And here is the real party. SolidQ invited the most important people for their event. 
I was proud to be there.

Why people always close their eyes when I'm doing my "harassing photography" contest.

Here is another one.

Are they all already drunk? Yee, SolidQ provided a lot of drinks.

Isn't it nice?

That is another party organized by "Pragmatic Works". SQL Karaoke in Hard Rock Cafe. 

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