Sunday, February 5, 2017

SQL Saturday #595 in Cleveland, OH

This SQL Saturday in Cleveland started for me with not very good weather.
I had a few free hours before speakers' dinner and wanted to use them to see the city, but unfortunately it was too cold and pretty snowy for any good picture:

Barely can see lighthouse because of falling snow

Here is a speakers' dinner:

I love Adam's t-shirt

Andy Yun and Erin Stellato: Princess Leia is talking to "Mr. Kim"

It looks like my camera is pretty scary

I'm almost first for the event. Organizers are almost ready.

No vendors yet.

That how it looks like from the second floor.

Speakers' room.

Crowd is ready for the keynote.

Eric Blinn is almost ready

Vishal Pawar preparing for his presentation

During a second sponsors are free

Frank Gill

Dave Bland

Delora Bradish

Matt Gordon

Before I was under the impression that only SQL Saturday in Baltimore is doomed with Pepsi products, but that happened to be even worse. In Cleveland is not just Pepsi, but DIET Pepsi. All beverages were diet!!! Evan pure water...

Speakers' room.

Fastest way from the speakers' room downstairs is a metal pipe. I've used it all the time.

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