Thursday, June 6, 2013

SQL Saturday #200 in Philadelphia (June 1,2013)

SQL Saturday #235 in New York City =>

Last Saturday I've attended wonderful event - SQL Saturday #200 in Philadelphia

Below I'll describe sessions I've attended with pictures and details.

First what I saw in Philly Saturady morning were these beautiful roses:

I came too early for volunteering. Just few people have arrived.

Event was held in Microsoft building.

Sponsors are not set up yet.

Registration desk is busy.

They pack information sets for attendees.

Registration desk for speakers.

Sponsors started working far before event officially is opened.

Front row sponsors. Provide hardware for Database solutions.

 Dell is also presented.

Local Software developing company.
Regional requiters closer to the entrance.

The best greeting  place is occupied by TEK Systems - official sponsor of DC SQL server user group.

 People are ready to hire highly skilled SQL developers and admins.

Ready for heavy competition for skilled individuals. Big candy-trap on the table ;-)

Have to visit all sponsors to get freebees and maybe get a job.

People are coming by large groups. Event will start in a moment.

My first session: Building Data Marts by Mark Scott:

 My second session: Page Latches for Mere Mortals by Eddie Wuerch.
That was really amazing I want to solve problems like these on my next job.

Everybody recognize this guy?
Steve Jones - from
Third session: Searching Binary Data in SQL Server 2012

People are eating outside.

Enjoying  beautiful view

 Where do we go next?

Relaxing, preparing for the second half of the day.

 Even during lunch time some people still would like to learn.

But some just use big rooms for socializing.

Microsoft toy - Computer-table.

Caught Jessica Moss in the speaker's room

Brian Moran from Linchpin People. It looks like I've missed his presentation.

This time lunch was too long. I think it can be shorter. People are waiting and waiting.

Some taking an opportunity to meet peers and discuss their problems.

Regular SQL Saturday speakers. Newer attended their sessions, but sometime I will.

Perfect shoot. Steve got in a way to block the scene.

Steve has gone and I've got Kevin Goff on my camera.

Lunch is over. Some fruits and volunteers are left.

My fourth session: What the VLF? by Mike Hillwig
I was not sure that I have to attend this session, but I stayed and did not regret. That was probably one of the most powerful sessions of the day.

Fifth session: 15 aspects of SQL Server indexes that you might not know by Sebastian Meine
I'm sorry, but this session was waste of my time. Even though topic was extremely interesting for me, but it was presented not in the best way. There was no demo, only slides with code.Sebastian did not want to share his code and even did not publish his presentation on the web site. Also, 15 aspects probaly are too many, he barely covered a half.

That was the last presenter I've attended that day.
Session kind of continues the same discussion Mike Hillwig talked about, but it still was very interesting.

That was incredible!!! The last session of the day and full of people. I bet it was most crowded one that time.
(The Empty chair is mine)