Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cloud, Data Lake .... What Next?

At PASS Summit 2015 had to drink a lot of coffee and I've always looked at my cup bottom to see with hope to see where IT and database industry is currently moving.

The major trends are Cloud and Hadoop, but my curiosity went much further.
When all of us will accomplish going to Big Data in a Cloud what will be next?

At PASS Summit I captured new HOT word, which will be the BUZZ word for the next few years.
That is "DATA LAKE".

What is "Data Lake"?

How do we see our current infrastructure?
We have our application/database on premise. We possibly stretch our data to the Cloud.
And now we are doing collaboration of ALL OUR data in the Cloud, we doing the transformation and produce new instances of the data completely in the Cloud.
All of these databases, data warehouses and data systems in OUR Cloud for OUR company we can call OUR "Data Lake".

That is our current trend, but what next???

Now my coffee starts to play it's role.
We have a Cloud, then we have a Data Lake .... Do you see the pattern?

We have rivers, moving from Lakes to the Ocean!

"Data Ocean" - is it a buzz word from 2020's?

What that will be? Can we think about something which does not exist and completely artificially pictured by caffeinated imagination?

Why not?

What is an Ocean?
That is something, where ALL rivers go and ALL Clouds get their content.
Did you get the Idea?

Companies' Clouds and Data Lakes will collaborate with each other.
For sure it won't be free for one company to use somebody's else data, but that will create completely new servicing industry.

We see beginning of the Data Ocean era  now, companies providing data as a service right now via APIs. The perfect example is Google Maps. That is just a little run of a data. In 10-15 years it will spin if not to an entire Ocean, but at least flow as wide as Amazon river.