Saturday, March 22, 2014

SQL Saturday #277 in Richmond, VA

This time I attended only two sessions:

Kevin Feasel's "T-SQL Anti-Patterns" about bad SQL programming behavior and

Jessica Moss' "Data Warehouse ETL Rollback with SSIS 2012" about how to do a rollback in DW with implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD). Both sessions were wonderful.

Unfortunately Jessica is not going to publish her slides and solution, but if anybody is interested send her an email request.

By the way, that SQL Saturday was for me the second one where I made my own presentation. My presentation was about "Index Internals".

You can download it from SQL Saturday #277 schedule page or view it online here.

 Briefly: it shows how SQL Server stores data in a table with Heap and Clustered Index. How it does Seek on Clustered and regular index and how Covering Filtered index can change a game.