Monday, October 31, 2016

SQL Saturday #572. Portland, OR

Sorry for the delay for the report form SQL Saturday in Portland.
I've done two sessions and did not make a lot of pictures.

Bob Pusateri is doing lightning talk.

Speaker's room

Table of a shame, for those who did not print/cut their tickets.

Registration desk

Karla's last official SQL Saturday.

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Very nice campus of Washington State university.
That is a line for boxed lunches

In the middle of the campus a stony fountain with an intersection of views of two wonderful mountains

Mount Hood

Volcano Mt. St. Helens

There was a set of very interesting donuts. 

I've came too late and the best ones are already gone.

Wendy Pastrick presenting about SQL gotchas

Friday, October 28, 2016

PASS Summit 2016. Day 3.

Third day of PASS started for me with Dmity Korotkevich session.

That is really X4 t-shirt

Microsoft CAT team.


Finalists of "Speaker Idol"

The winner!!!!!!!!!!!

First time see Brant at this event. Where have he been hiding all this time.

The last my picture of that PASS Summit