Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SQL Server 2016 CTP Installation. Problems and Features.

Hi guys, I'm might be little bit late with that post, but will try to catch up.
In this post I will only stop on unusual moments, errors and interesting improvements or big changes if any.

Here we go. Step by step:

1. Downloaded 2016CTP3 version from here:

2. Uninstalled my previous installation of CTP2. That means I had no issues on the very initial setup of new installation.

3. After choosing the evaluation version of the product I selected ALL available services and features within an installation.

4. After hitting "Next" button, I got following error:
Somehow SQL Server installation required Oracle JRE!
After I got back and unchecked "Polybase Query Service for External Data" feature everything went well.

5. I've tried to set all services on my virtual machine to start manually, to save some memory, but new feature "SQL Server Launchpad" can't be changed.

6. Collation setup looks just little different, but no surprises.

7. Very nice new feature is setting multiple TempDB files during Install.
It is not very obvious how to place different TempDB data files on different drives, only Log file has it's special folder.
I've found it wonderful that Setup program recognized virtual environment and allowed me to place TempDB files in folder on my Host machine.

8. Unfortunately, I do not have a domain setup in my virtual environment, so, I couldn't use UNC path.
When I tried to get back I couldn't move forward anymore and replace UNCs by local folders.
As a result I had to restart setup program.

9. After I restarted Setup  and choose all default options everything else was as in previous version of SQL.

10. After the full install it required me to restart my virtual machine. After restart I've got newest shiny version:

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (CTP3.0) - 13.0.700.242 (X64)   Oct 26 2015 18:46:06   
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation  
Enterprise Evaluation Edition (64-bit) on 
Windows 8.1 Enterprise 6.3 <X64> (Build 9600: ) (Hypervisor) 

Please let me know if anybody have different experience or got into problems I've somehow missed.

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