Friday, February 5, 2016

SQL Saturday in Baltimore. Pre-Con survey results.

Just in case you do not know: I'm one of co organizers of SQL Saturday in Baltimore, which will take a place in Columbia, MD on April 30st.

SQL Saturday is wonderful Free learning event about SQL Server technologies (you only pay for your own lunch).
Our SQL Saturday officially is in BI edition. That means there will be not only about SQL Server, but also about SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Hadoop, BigData, PowerBI, Data Warehousing and etc.

If you live in Baltimore-DC Metro Area, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Eastern part of West Virginia, Delaware and as part of your job you are touching SQL Server - there is no excuse for you not to visit Columbia, MD on April 30st.
If you can't be there whole day it is OK, you can come only for the session you want to attend.
Unfortunately in this case you'll miss all great sponsors' prizes at the end of the event.

If you are interested in which sessions and speakers will be present at the event you can take a look here:

If you haven't registered yet here is the link:
Do not be late to get to the waiting list and possibly miss the event.

As part of our SQL Saturday we will also do couple of Full Day paid Pre-Con sessions, which will be scheduled for day before: Friday, April 29th in the same Loyola University building in Columbia, MD.

Final decision on who will be speaking at Pre-Con is not made yet, but here I will publish the results of our survey we did on whom people want to speak and what topics do they want to see in Baltimore:

In the nomination of topic the winners are:
1. T-SQL
2. Performance/Internals
That choice of topics will drive the decision on who will be the speakers.

Speaker nomination is much more difficult.
At first list was so big that I couldn't grab the whole diagram at once.
That probably also plaid a bad role in people's decision. 10 people couldn't determine whom they would like to see.

Some people added new names in the list of suggestions, some of which I immediately added to the questionnaire.
Ben Galluzzo and Rob Volk weren't in the list from the very beginning, that would explain their not perfect results.
I also had as suggestions names of Brent Ozar and Grant Fritchey.
Guys, they were my first choices and I had conversations with them way before I've made the survey.
However, their busy life can't accommodate extra traveling to Baltimore.
Maybe next year?

Had a request to get ANYBODY fro SQLSkills. The person who suggested it also read my mind. I've asked them, but they are too busy and ravel only for their own events and to PASS Summit.

Also have suggested: Kevin Boles, Jason Brimhall, Wayne Sheffield, Devin Knight, Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari, Chris Webb, Kasper De Jonge. Unfortunately it was too late to include all of them to the list and then the list would be tooooooo big.
Another my concern is that those names are not very famous in our area. Besides of Wayne Sheffield none of those SQL speakers recently presented in Baltimore.
I'd suggest to bring those guys to SQL Saturday first, and then the next time people will be more knowledgeable and will vote for the best.

Back to the diagram:
I've already contacted the winners: Itzik Ben-Gan and Adam Machanic, unfortunately they also can't come. As a satisfaction Itzik helped as to get book sponsorship from his publisher and we will have his books as a prize at our event.

From all others we have to choose two speakers:
1. Best for SQL, Internals, and troubleshooting;
2. Best for ETL and SSIS

It is already too late to vote or make suggestions.
I've sent invitations and hope these people will accept them.

As soon we will have Pre-Con speakers I will officially announce them.

If you want to be informed immediately, please register for the SQL Saturday event then you'll get an email as soon as Pre-Con registration will be available.

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