Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SSMS 2016 Newest features

Here the list of newest features I've found:

1. Scroll bar indicates current position of a cursor within a document and indicate positions of any syntax errors:

2.Estimated Execution plan is now available from the Keyboard. You do not have to move your mouse to a Tool bar every time you want to see it, Just press Ctrl-L. Extremely useful.

3. In SSMS 2016 you can see execution in action. You just have to enable "Include live query statistics" in a Tool bar:

Then, when you run a query, execution will be shown in action:

4. Now you can easily compare query plan to previously saved plan! Just do right click on your plan, load saved plan and enjoy.

5. If you are lost in SSMS you can use "Quick Launch" at the top of SSMS window and do operation you want:

And the biggest of all....

I even haven't numbered it, because you probably already know it:

SQL Server Management Studio is now distributed separately for m the SQL Server.
The installation contains multiple other products, such as "Configuration Manager", which is actually useless, because it does not allow you to connect to the remote server.

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