Saturday, October 4, 2014

SQL Saturday #315 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Pictures from SQL Saturday #347 in DC =>

I has been chosen to speak on that event and I did not bring my camera in purpose.
So, no pictures this time. Only link to the event schedule:

Besides of my great session about Index Internals I want to mention session of Jeff Moden.
His session was about building data structure for Data Warehouse to cover Trees in fastest way possible.
His approach really makes difference.
Also, he introduced the SQL buzz word he's invented: "RBAR", which means "Row, by Agonizing Row" - the programming style we try to avoid in SQL.
Unfortunately he did not post his presentation yet and I can't share it with you.

The second session I've attended was William Wolf's "Common Coding Mistakes and how to Mitigate them". That was a beginner session, but it collected several other speakers, room was full and some people, including myself, had to sit on the floor.
In that session he covered the evil of Scalar functions,  Unions, lack of SARGability and bad CTEs.
Here is a link to his presentation:

The next session was Randy Knight's "Understanding Transaction Isolation Levels". That was very refreshing . It is good when somebody reminds you something you starting to forget. Unfortunately he did not load his presentation yet.

Presentation, which was right before mine and was delivered in the same room and in the same track was given by Matt Slocum, great guy from Rochester. It was about "101 Stupid Things Your Colleagues Do When Setting Up A SQL Server". It really blew up my mind, he collected so many things that preceded installation of SQL Server. Without pointing his finger, he nicely wrapped all mistakes in Narnia's personalities. You can enjoy his presentation here:

My presentation was the last one. It looks like already some kind of tradition. Do not know if it is a bad or a good luck. This time I spoke again about Index internals. This time I was more interactive, there were more questions from the audience, but as the result, I covered only heaps and clustered indexes with three demos. If you are interested, here is my presentation:

That was the third SQL Saturday in Pittsburgh and it was made very professionally. Organizers learned and fixed all their prior mistakes and hopefully did not make any new ones.

Want to than again all volunteers and sponsors for such a great event.

Here are logos of all of their sponsors:

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